New NAMBACKER B2B member

Outstanding in your field? If not, active NAMBACKER B2B participation and interaction with other members will help you achieve that stature. To that end, we are launching a new drive to recruit more members, starting with a fresh video to show everyone how our power in numbers gets us way more than going it alone. Look for this video pinned to the top of our NAMBACKER B2B Facebook page and share it with other companies you would like to see join forces with us.

New NAMBACKER B2B member Ansmann USA is a perfect example of a company providing a product that we can ALL collaborate with… Batteries! Ansmann USA is the North America Subsidiary of Ansmann Mobile Energy Products. They make rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, power supplies and even smartphone accessories! Pictured here is a high-tech charger with automatic refresh function and capacity quick test for up to 16 cells at the same time. This is just ONE example of the wide selection of Ansmann products that ALL of our customers need. Feel free to contact them through the NAMBACKER B2B web site!

NAMBACKER member Shubb Capos received great front-cover publicity through MMR magazine! Shubb is celebrating their 40th anniversary as one of the MI industry’s premier providers of capos and other guitar-related accessories.  Rick represents another GREAT addition to the NAMBACKER B2B team.

 NAMBACKER B2B member Boucher Guitars is taking full advantage of their company video produced by NAMBACAKER B2B from the Anaheim NAMM show. Currently, the NAMBACKER NATION “Best of Show” seal is the first thing you see when you arrive at their home page. Very smart marketing for sure.

Just wrapping up is the NAMBACKER B2B “Autograph Sweepstakes” group promotion where 12 participating members submitted autographed instruments and swag to create a unique consumer sweepstakes offer. Using artwork provided by NAMBACKER B2B, each company promoted this contest directly through their individual email and social contact channels, creating a huge group outreach they could never achieve by going it alone.

Without a doubt, the most exciting new development for NAMBACKER B2B members is the introduction of a new member benefit called POWER BUY, where MI retailers sign up to be a part of a select group of manufacturers who are banding together online to offer exclusive bundles and services not found anywhere else.

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